Rugs serve a practical purpose by providing warmth and comfort while helping to define or separate areas within a space. Beyond functionality, they are beautiful additions that create cohesion by pulling a room together.

  • Partnered with one of the world’s largest and most ethical rug suppliers
  • Options from affordable machine-made to luxurious hand-knotted rugs
  • Materials include silk and New Zealand wool
  • Custom sizes available

Explore our selection of best-selling rugs and contact us for more information or to discover additional styles. The right rug can transform your living space, adding warmth, comfort, and style.

Looking For Pricing or Custom Rugs?

Discover the perfect rug tailored to your needs by reaching out to us for custom options.


Quality and Craftsmanship

At Flow Furniture, our rugs reflect the finest in global craftsmanship and ethical production. Partnering with one of the largest and most ethical rug suppliers in the world, employing over 50,000 artisans, we offer a wide range of rugs to suit every taste and budget. From affordable machine-made options to luxurious hand-knotted pieces, our collection includes a variety of materials such as silk and New Zealand wool.

We provide extensive customization options, allowing you to choose the size that perfectly fits your space. Many of our rugs are in stock and ready to ship, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to enhance your home decor quickly. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and ethical production guarantees that your rug will be a valuable addition to your home, offering both beauty and functionality. Choose Flow Furniture for rugs that combine superior craftsmanship with ethical production, enhancing the warmth and style of your living space.